Hosted Business Phones

Synditech provides the power and features of your own PBX system without all the capital costs and support issues. Leveraging the power of VoIP, we extend in-office functions to home offices, multi-office locations and semi-permanent offices.

Access your service from anywhere with a reliable Internet connection. No more waiting for phone installations, service transfers, etc. Your number moves with you anywhere. Simply move your phone equipment and connect to the Internet / LAN in your new location and you are up and running. Hosted Message Center can ensure callers always have a place to leave you a message – even during a move!

Supporting off-premise extensions the service provides a simple way to integrate geographically diverse locations and individuals into a single phone system.

Comparing these services to traditional land lines is NOT easy – POTS (Plain Old Telephone Systems) can’t provide the flexibility and functions available to you here; however, consider these features:

Features Included

  • Auto Attendant (with Night Service)

  • Call Display

  • Visual Call Waiting

  • Direct Inward Dial to any desired extension

  • Fax-To-Email gateway for every DID (faxes are received and forwarded by email as a PDF)

  • Multiple Call Appearances (multiple calls on a “line” or on “hold”)

  • 3-way Calling (some equipment supports N-way)

  • Conference Bridge (dial in conference hosting)

  • Call Transfer (Announced & Blind)

  • Message Center (Voicemail, unlimited mailbox, message forwarding by email, access through phone or web or BlackBerry)

  • Do Not Disturb (DND)

  • Speed Dial

  • Multiple Ring Groups / Hunt Groups

  • Find Me / Follow Me (selective forward to cell / home / etc.)

  • Hold Music