Synditech Partner Program

Customers are demanding 100% uptime on the applications you deliver. Are you prepared to invest in the facilities, technology and the high-priced talent needed to meet this requirement? As an established player in an expanding market, we can help grow your business and better satisfy your clients without capital expense or risk.

At Synditech, we understand the importance of strategic partnerships to achieve success. Combining our services with your offering provides you a broader product portfolio, differentiation from your competitors, and some additional profitability. With a comprehensive support program, we offer our partners everything needed to seamlessly integrate Synditechs services into the solutions you provide your clients.

Why Partner with Synditech?

We join forces with a select group of companies that recognize the benefit of offering customers a secure solution for managing their important online business infrastructure. Here are some key reasons our partners choose Synditech:

  • Enhance your Product Offering: Add services to your portfolio that would be difficult or impossible to build and manage yourself. Close more deals, cross-sell in your client base and lock out competition by providing a total solution.
  • Trust and Integrity: Whether you are a premier partner, a reseller, or a referral partner, you can rest assured that we will respect our role as part of your solution. Our goal is to make our partners successful and channel-conflict is not an option
  • Partner Development: Synditech will help position you for success with valuable resources such as training; sales and marketing support; and customer support services
    We Help you Succeed: We will help with proposals; presentations; sales calls; facility tours; and anything else you need to succeed. Our direct sales force is paid on all partner business, eliminating the concern of channel conflict.

Our Partners


Find out more about Synditech’s partnership programs by contacting one of our Executives, or click here to submit an inquiry.