Wireless Networking Solutions

As users become increasingly mobile and business applications demand additional bandwidth, advanced wireless services are critical to helping companies maintain innovation, agility, and differentiation.

BYOD is no longer a luxury, it’s expected. The flexibility to connect anywhere, anytime, and any place. Even the applications we use on a daily basis are being designed to work over wireless to allow mobility for your staff and customers. Applications like VoIP (voice over IP), real time locations services, asset tagging, and secure guest wireless access. Information technology departments need to ensure that these systems work together, and do it with the highest level of data security.

At Synditech we have the expertise to help you Plan, Deploy, and Support the latest high speed 802.11 Wireless Networks.

  • Wireless LAN Hotspots – Wireless LAN access for employees and visitors in locations such as, lobbies, conference rooms, and theatres.
  • Enterprise-wide WLAN – Universal, highly-available, high-performance wireless LAN access throughout the entire enterprise.
  • Wireless VoIP – Seamless wireless voice over IP with industry leading reliability
  • Remote/Branch Office Access – Highly available and remote and branch offices using the internet or enterprise Wide Area Network.
  • Guest Access – Secure wired and wireless access to authorized visitors while keeping the internal network protected.

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