Synditech Solutions partnered with Cisco Meraki to provide  scalable, reliable, affordable and easy-to-manage enterprise-class wireless networks that are cloud based.

Meraki’s powerful and intuitive cloud based management allows you to see your entire network from a single pane of glass. This simplifies day to day management and provides a greater visibility into the entire network.

At Synditech we have the expertise to help you Plan, Deploy, and Support the latest high speed 802.11 Wireless Networks.

Advantages of Meraki wireless networks:

  • Easy to Deploy and Manage
  • Easy, and intuitive Centralized Management
  • Automatic Updates, Notifications, Diagnostics and Healing
  • Top-of-the-line, High-Performance, Intelligent, 802.11n and 802.11ac Access Points
  • Throttle bandwidth or block applications with two clicks

Why should you work with Synditech Solutions for your Cisco Meraki wireless deployment?

  • Our technicians are CMNA certitifed and Synditech is currently a Cisco Premier Partner
  • We have deep knowledge of the Cisco Meraki product offering, and a great relationship with Cisco Meraki
  • We experience deploying Meraki wireless throughout Vancouver, BC. in heterogeneous environments, including Cisco backbones

Monitoring and administration of your Cisco Meraki wireless network will be under the control and at the discretion of your organization. Optionally, Synditech can also have administrative access, to assist in managing and monitoring. In this way, should your organization’s wireless network need attention, we can attend to it remotely and help you get up and running.

Cisco Meraki and Synditech can also help your organization setup a large, scalable, and resilient network quickly. There is no need for long training sessions or learning complex architecture. Your enterprise-class wireless network can be deployed in hours — not days or weeks.


Interested in learning more? Attend a Meraki Webinar!

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