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At Synditech we have a passion for solving network challenges. Whether it is clients with substandard VOIP issues or slow networks or any of a wide range of network issues, we thrive on these challenges.

Network performance issues can be a result of many different problems. At Synditech we use a methodical approach to analyze the entire stack from the physical layer all the way up to the application itself and as a result we are able to provide recommendations based on the evidence of our investigative findings. No finger pointing between the application developer and the network administrators.

Once we have pinpointed the source or sources of the network degradation our certified experts will make recommendations on the correct hardware, software and configuration to put in place for an optimal running network.

Synditech Solutions is a prominent IT consulting and technical services company that strategically manages and supports client information technology systems in Vancouver, BC. With our security and network monitoring services and expertise we are able to provide a single point of contact for all of your Information Technology needs.

If your business critical applications are experiencing slowness and performance issues or you would like more information on our professional services please contact us at 778.373.1017 ext 2 or click the button below.

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