Network Solutions for Businesses

Your network is the foundation of your business and it is imperative that it is scalable, reliable, and available. Synditech Solutions is a leader in network solutions, implementation and design employing highly skilled engineers.

Whatever the size of your organization, a business-class network is within your reach. From empowering your employees to greatly improving customer service, networking technology can have a lasting impact on your business.

If you are searching for network solutions for your business, Synditech is here to help. Book a free consultation and learn more about our networking services.


Networking Features and Benefits

  • Increase productivity be reducing application latency
  • Building multiple redundant paths to guarantee application accessibility
  • Dramatically reduces management and operating expenditures
  • Helps to maximize bandwidth utilization
  • Extensive security in the network and applications
  • Higher quality of service (QoS) for data, voice, and video traffic on a converged network platform
  • Provide secure, unconstrained connectivity between employee and customers and information

Network Solutions

Synditech full service network solutions include:

  • Access, core, and distribution switching
  • Secure wireless infrastructure
  • Firewalls, advanced routing, VPN and security appliances
  • Superior network load balancing technology
  • 10 GB Ethernet and Fiber Channel over Ethernet
  • Unified communications solutions including IP telephony
  • Spam control and reputation management
  • WAN optimization and application acceleration
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