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Project Description

Hosted IP Telephony
Synditech Solutions Hosted IP Telephony Service, is a managed VoIP solution designed specifically for businesses with between 5 and 50 employees. Unlike the traditional approach of installing a physical business phone system at each office, all telephony equipment is hosted and replicated across secure, highly available datacentres. All the features you would expect from a business phone system are then delivered over the Internet and SIP Trunks direct to your offices, with IP phones connected to your office LAN.

Hosted IP Telephony – Cloud-based Business Phone Systems

The Cloud-based design of our hosted IP telephony service is suited to dynamic and growing organisations. Staff at home or remote offices get exactly the same functionality as if based in the head office. Multi-sited businesses moving to hosted IP Telephony and SIP Trunks benefit from significant cost-saving, as well as increased operational efficiency, resilience and business continuity. As a distributed carrier-grade IP telephony system, if a component fails a backup takes over without impact.

Synditech’s Hosted IP Telephony has all the features demanded by the market with a compact easy to use web based user interface. We have developed the application to make it as user friendly as possible, with a user, admin and installer interface.

Licences: Are per user and not per device enabling you to use the device you want, when you want and where you want, i.e. hardwired phone or PC software client at your desk, mobile phone, or iPad (Wi-Fi connected) from anywhere in the world.
Phones and software: You are spoilt for choice. Synditech has a range of equipment you can purchase or rent from us. However, as a Cisco reseller, Cisco IP Phones are our recommended handset.
Connectivity: Is paramount to the success of deploying a hosted IP Telephony and SIP Trunk solution. Synditech has long experience of supplying data connectivity for voice applications.
Number Porting: Synditech can port your existing numbers across to the hosted IP Telephony solution so you can bring your numbers with you.
With our networking experience, Synditech can also provide your complete network infrastructure: including switching, routing, security, wireless, VPNs, SIP Trunks and on-line back-up. Our solutions are perfect for businesses looking to upgrade existing network infrastructures, who are moving office or are looking to gain more from their IT investment.

It is crucially important that any hosted telephony solution has reliable and suitable connectivity and is replicated across different data centres with no single point of failure. With Synditech’s experience, we have designed a solution that meets these requirements. Internet connectivity is provided by Synditech’s Business Connect service, which utilizes ADSL2+ or EFM technology. This guarantees the amount of up load speed required to support good quality voice calls and is directly connected to the Core Voice platform.

The benefits of Synditech’s Hosted Telephony Solution
Synditech has over 10 years experience in delivering the best solutions to our customers

Includes a set of rich features, without the upfront expense of purchasing a business phone system or extra standard phone lines
Set-up is easy and you don’t need lots of equipment so there’s minimal start- up costs
Guaranteed upload speeds on the Internet circuit provides you with up to 20 assured voice calls at any one time – giving significant savings over traditional BT line rental
Existing standard landline numbers can be ported to Synditech’s hosted service – so you can keep any existing numbers
Greater control – Easy system administration including moves, additions and changes through a web based portal.
Workforce mobility – staff can work from different locations and you can also appear local to your customers, with the ability to select geographical numbers (including out of area) against your lines.
Easy to install – just plug the pre-configured telephones ordered into your network. Or, for peace of mind, Synditech’s engineer can set it up for you.
End-to-end single solution – Synditech provides everything from handset to access to core network, you won’t get “caught in the middle”
Synditech’s solution is built on SIP Trunks, a technology that all business-grade IP telephony systems should draw upon. Synditech have been providing SIP Trunk based solutions for more than 10-years.

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