Why Its Time You Deployed Two-Factor Authentication

In today’s interconnected online world, reliable technology is pivotal to most businesses who need their systems to operate seamlessly and efficiently. With so many critical business services being technology dependnt, securing the systems which provide those services is now more vital than ever. The amount of confidential business data organizations produce and store on a [...]

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Security, Vulnerability, and Configuration Assessment

Configuration review and Vulnerability assessment. In the wake of the most recent wannacry ransomeware attack, companies are taking a long hard look at their security posture. It is no longer acceptable to depend on strictly perimeter or endpoint protection alone. In depth defense on multiple fronts is the only answer to effectively protect your [...]

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FREE Cisco Meraki MX64 Security Appliance

Simply take a brief Cisco Webinar explaining how the MX64 works and it’s yours ($1,800 value), for FREE! After you complete the webinar, they will ship the gear directly to your business and provide full tech support to get you set-up. if you attend a free Meraki webinar about their next generation networking and firewall [...]

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