Cisco Spark. Mobile teamwork.

//Cisco Spark. Mobile teamwork.

Cisco Spark. Mobile teamwork.

Cisco announced that its new collaboration service is having a significant impact on how teams get work done. Employees across many industries are now using Cisco Spark – introduced under the name “Project Squared” at Cisco’s Collaboration Summit in November — to collaborate simply and securely inside and outside their organizations in ways not previously possible. When teams work collaboratively from anywhere and across virtually any device, sparks fly.

Cisco Spark – built with significant customer feedback and accessible from nearly every major mobile or desktop device – creates secure, virtual rooms where teams work together from anywhere. Just by downloading Cisco Spark from an app store or by pointing a web browser to any member of any team can initiate the service and start a Cisco Spark room on any topic. Once in the room, team members securely send messages, share and view files, start multiparty voice and video calls and share their screens.

Individuals can sign up for Cisco Spark and start using the following features for free: 1:1 and group messaging, file sharing, 1:1 video calling and meetings with screen sharing in rooms up to three participants, mobile calendar and contacts integration, online self-service functionality and end-to-end content encryption.


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